Fabrics for women’s apparel

Intesa C. fabrics are mainly used for womenswear and are constantly updated to follow the trendsEstablished in 1988 in the Piedmont region, Intesa C. pursued an ambitious project of its founder Olindo Cervella who had gained twenty years’ experience in both tailoring and weaving. From the outset, the Company set itself the objective of becoming one of Italy’s largest clothing makers and wholesalers and subsequently opened to internationalization becoming successful also abroad in a very short time. The Company operates in more than thirty countries in the world with over 1,500,000 mt of fabrics in stock. Intesa C. fabrics are mainly used for womenswear and are constantly updated to follow the trends to fully satisfy customer needs.


Which is the most innovative product of your A/W 2022-2023 collection?

The most innovative product of the Autumn/Winter 22-23 collection is NINA. Certainly, we have been inspired by women. Our primary objective is designing clothing for women to wear on different occasions during the day: at work, with fabrics that are functional and can guarantee comfort; for leisure time, with technical breathable sports fabrics; for ceremonies, with refined and elegant fabrics that emphasize femininity. We think of women together with their children, partners or single, with different moods: happy or angry, but also dreaming or worried. We should never forget that behind a dress, there is a fabric and behind a fabric, there is a woman who does not want to hide herself but instead enhance her femininity in any circumstance.

What characteristics make this

product innovative?

Nina is a yarn-dyed fabric with a Glen

check design and a multicolor sequined embroidery.


How do you develop your collections?
Our collections are developed in two moments of the year: summer and winter. However, the updating process never stops, with frequent re-assortments and new items. The fabrics (plain, yarn-dyed, jacquard, printed, laced, and knits) are presented in a coordinated way and with total look options that are the result of our in-house in-depth analysis. We are used to saying that it is difficult that customers find everything they need, but every customer will definitely find something.  

What buyer is it addressed to?

Mainly brands producing womenswear and clothing makers. In addition, companies producing classic but at the same time innovative items and special garments.


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