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Innovation plays a key role at Milano Unica

The new Startup Textile Connection & Innovation Area

In recent decades, technology extended to the textile and fashion apparel accessories industry, bringing about important changes for the entire supply chain. In the February 2020 edition, Milano Unica dedicates a new area to the key players of this evolution.


The new Startup Textile Connection & Innovation Area responds to the need for innovation, extensively felt across manufacturers.

The new exhibition space will host the projects and initiatives of Fondazione del Tessile Italiano in partnership with Startupbootcamp FashionTech and TexClubTec.


Startupbootcamp FashionTech – one of the world's largest startup acceleration networks - will present its highly innovative and technological program for the fashion industry, involving 30 companies selected from all over the world. 11 startups, shortlisted during last December's "Final Selection Days", will participate in the three days of the trade show.  


The participating startups are:


-        Aoiship: a Japanese startup with offices in Tokyo, dealing with social media and e-commerce with the aim of promoting growth and exports of the Japanese fashion industry.



-        Bigthinxs: an Indian company operating in the field of artificial intelligence, with the aim of designing products that help citizens.



-        GFAIVE: a young Georgia-based project that helps companies and organizations in implementing marketing strategies with the aim of improving customer relations. 



-        Namék: Italian-Polish B2B app with the aim of creating a connection between brands and local enterprises and the community of models-influencers.



-        Obsess: US e-commerce platform operating in the field of sustainability with the aim of enabling brands to develop more engaging, user-friendly websites. 



-        Renoon: Dutch startup with the aim of aggregating sustainable fashion products with particular attention to material circularity.



-        SKMMP: an Irish project that offers a digital showroom, automating order documentation and user data.



-        Staiy: a German startup with the aim of reducing carbon footprint in fashion manufacturing through the offering of a website for 100% sustainable brands. 



-        Style Search: a young Dutch company developed with the aim of making shopping simple and stimulating by using next generation technology and by following the main trends. 



-        Ubique: an Italian startup operating in the sector of Trade, Omnichannel & Retailtech, suggesting a new idea of easy-access luxury membership.



-        Viume: a Spanish web app that helps finding the most suitable outfit for every occasion based on the user’s personal characteristics and lifestyle. 




The TexClubTec exhibition space - the technical and innovative textiles section of Sistema Moda Italia - will present companies operating in every stage of the production chain along with their cutting-edge products, featuring specific performances or made with innovative processes, providing a rich and diversified overview of the main sector players.


The participating companies are:


-        Chargeurs Interfodere Italia: a complete range of interlinings for apparel products and a special focus on sustainability. The PERFORMANCE line offers innovative products for technical apparel and underwear with a broad variety of solutions.



-        Coatyarn:  coated yarns, 100% Made in Italy "TPU Evolution" polyurethane yarns suitable for multiple uses, technical fabrics, fabrics for individual protection, external knitwear, outerwear, fabrics for interior design and outdoor furniture and for the automotive sector.


-        Eptanova: a leading Italian company providing complete advanced finishing solutions for a variety of industries, product development and applications in the fields of industrial printing inks, functional coating and advanced materials technology.


-        Fil Man Made Group: yarn producer (100% and blends), Compact, Core Spun, Open End, Ring and Siro Spun, in particular in artificial and synthetic fibers for several final applications.


-        It.Tech: flat and knitted fabrics for the military sector, workwear and protective clothing; high resistant fabrics in PA and PES, flame retardant fabrics in aramid, mixed aramid-viscose and cotton-modacrylic.


-        Novaresin: fabric finishing, laminating, resin-coating, coating, manufacturing of Novashield, the polyurethane membrane applicable on fabrics with increased waterproof and breathability characteristics.


-        Sitip: manufacturer of warp-knitted fabrics mainly used for mechanical fastening applications; PU (imitation leather) coagulation, coating, and laminating supports; laminated fabrics for automotive, footwear and helmet interiors; sportswear; resin-coated flat fabrics for abrasives.


-       Windtex Vagotex: presents the thermos-regulating, elastic and lightweight WINDTEX membrane in addition to the Misurina Storm Shield (light windproof, water-repellent and waterproof fabric) brands and products and VentFlex (hydrophobic microporous membrane that resists water penetration even at high pressures).