Excellence in fabrics and semi-finished products for men's and women's underwear and beachwear. Iluma Group has always considered quality, creativity and environmental protection the cornerstones of its business.

Scheduled maintenance of processing, ongoing training, technologies and production cycle controls translate into an offering of certified high-quality products.


The most innovative product presented for the S/S 2023 season is Allovers of the Green Label line.    iluna-emu6


This is an ultralight lace in FSC-certified

pre-dyed viscose and Lurex, which give

the final product extraordinary 3D effects and unexpected light.

The entire line, which is GRS certified,

is made with Renycle, Q-Nova yarns and with ROICA™ EF, part of the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family.

From the extreme lightness and transparency to the extraordinary 3D effects, and the commitment to research also in the choice of sustainable materials, make it possible to define these items as innovative, perfectly in line with the Iluna Group philosophy, anticipating time and trends and always ahead in the smart, Made-in-Italy lace supply chain.

Sustainability has always been at the core of the Iluna Group philosophy, evidenced through the pursuit of premium materials: from GRS-certified yarns, recycled from pre-consumer material – to ensure total traceability - to FSC-certified viscose.  

Iluna Group's "smart innovation" products based on high-tech finishes, sustainable materials, and certified partnerships, reflect the company's strong commitment to responsible innovation measurable in the growing percentage of sustainable products (3% in 2018 and 52% to date). 

This series perfectly echoes Milano Unica Tendenze for the S/S 2023 season, and, in particular, the EcoYatch theme, characterized by a cosmopolitan and carefree attitude with vivid colors and shining glows.
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