GMF Marzotto Fabrics

Innovation at Marzotto

An archive and deep expertise developed in over 180 years of history, technological skill and fabric know-how, ongoing research to offer solutions to respond to new lifestyles, and a constant emphasis on the brand’s heritage.

This is innovation at Marzotto.


Founded in 1836 in Valdagno and always driven by high-quality values, Marzotto has grown into today’s global leader in the production of combed wool and noble fibers for menswear and womenswear. The wool mill is characterized by ongoing investments in research and development, attention to environmental and social sustainability and control of the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished fabrics.


Marzotto's proposals for the next Autumn/Winter season showcase careful research into the best performing fabrics, designed for extra comfort in harmony with nature while meeting the need to relieve the stress of everyday life. The collections are B-Dynamic+, Performance Suit and the innovative ViralOff finish treatment.

B-Dynamic+ is the 100% super natural stretch (weft and warp) wool performance line that features innovative mechanical processes designed to increase wool performance, creating unparalleled elasticity and comfort.  

B-Dynamic+ presents elegance that remains impeccable over time, thanks to its excellent anti-crease performance and breathability characteristics. This is a sophisticated and minimalist collection designed to meet the needs of today’s men and women looking for an impeccable style, breathability and, above all, exceptional comfort on every occasion. 

Performance Suit is the collection dedicated to the men’s classic suiting fabrics, both plain and patterned, machine washable, interpreted with minimalist tones and also, at the same time, original and sophisticated. Finally, Marzotto’s Autumn/Winter collections include products with antiviral characteristics to meet the growing demand in the market. For this purpose, the brand signed an exclusive partnership with Polygiene, a leading Swedish company that develops antibacterial and odor control solutions for fabrics and other surfaces. 

ViralOff technology is based on a high concentration of silver ions used as an active ingredient, which make the treatment effective in combination with titanium dioxide. Its application on fabrics reduces the presence of viruses on the surface by 99% in just two hours.


For more information about the Company and its products, we invite you to visit the institutional web site at www.marzottotessuti.it. To learn more about our collection, we remind you that we are present on the e-Milano Unica Connect catalogue,  which lets you ask for samples, get in touch with our team and make appointments with our distributors.