Duesse, a family business specializing in the production of labels, tags, tapes and packaging items, was founded in 1996.

For more than 25 years, the company has been committed to offering innovative products, becoming a point of reference for the luxury industry, which recognizes the importance and value of product packaging.


The company’s key asset is its highly qualified team, constantly seeking out innovative technological solutions. The Company also offers image consulting for those brands looking for an added value of exclusive and personalized packaging for their products.

DUESSE is constantly focused on sustainability through the implementation of sustainable process conducts in its daily activities, committed to the ongoing search for materials that are easy to recycle, as well as innovative techniques to present a product that is constantly evolving in creativity and sustainability.

SNOOP 0552 is one of the most innovative products presented with the S/S 2023 collection at Milano Unica.


SNOOP 0552 is a 100% FSC-certifiable tag made of only recycled duesse-emu6paper and printed with very little colorant.       

Designed to be first and foremost SUSTAINABLE,

but at the same time new, SNOOP 0552 comes in a very soft shade of white, with a touch of gold that makes it more precious.

SNOOP 0552 was designed with a predominantly

female audience in mind, but can also be used in

menswear by simply changing the shape and


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