Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi

Lampo’s way toward sustainability

We are often asked if we have sustainable products.
We have, we produce zip fasteners with tape made with Newlife yarns (obtained from mechanical recycling of Italian plastic) and GOTS certified organic cotton. Pullers made of a fiber similar to leather, Pinatex, obtained from the leaves (waste) of pineapple. Molded zippers made with compound based on sustainable post-industrial raw material or completely made of PA6 for a total recyclability at the end of life.
But we would not like our approach to sustainability to end in these products.


Our industrial practices, which today we would call sustainable, have in fact for decades been aimed at reducing waste and enhancing it.
The shearing offcuts, the melted mould feeder waste and our metal zips leftovers have for years, been sold to specialized operators who can use them as a raw material. Indeed, the production cycles of the metals we use, such as steel, zamak and brass, involve the use of secondary raw materials (from recycling) for 85%, 60% and 50% respectively.
Plastic moulding scraps are normally reused in our production cycle.
Weaving waste is used for making rags.
Our weaving plant (over one hundred looms and dozens of spiraling and sewing machines) has been completely powered by solar panels for ten years.
Our factories are illuminated by innovative low energy consumption lamps, our offices are thermally insulated, heating is obtained with condensing boilers, all this to minimize energy consumption.


The new technologies have also allowed us, in the new electroplating plant, to double the production capacity, reducing water consumption by 30% and water discharged into the sewer system by 35%.
Water that is annually analyzed according to the Greenpeace DETOX protocol.
Over the last year we have renewed the dyeing machine plant, which has allowed us to reduce water consumption by 65%, chemical products by 55%, cycle times by 10%and the steam used by 50% and the wastewater by 65%.


In more than 130 years of activity we have always thought, that it is equally important, to consider not only the environmental side, but also the social one.

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