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e-milanounica is now online

The new digital marketplace for textiles and apparel 

Milano Unica inaugurates e-milanounica, the business-to-business info-commerce dedicated to professionals of the textile and apparel industry


e-milanounica is an exclusive platform, namely an extension of the traditional trade show into the digital world, favoring the matching of demand and supply throughout the year. 

The project was made possible thanks to the partnership between Milano Unica and Pitti Immagine, combining their expertise to achieve the common goal of promoting the textile and apparel industry. Based on a jointly designed concept developed on the digital platform of Pitti Immagine, Milano Unica developed a project, covering all the aspects that relate to marketing, content and promotion, tracing also the guidelines for its future development.


e-milanounica marketplace is now online in its pilot version and its implementation will continue over the next months with a view to having the majority of our exhibitors onboard by July 2019.


Please note that e-milanounica is reserved for exhibitors and selected buyers of Milano Unica


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