Clerici Tessuto Divisione Industry

Elegance, tradition and sustainable innovation

Established in 1922, today Clerici Tessuto Div. Industry is one of the world’s most renowned textile companies in the luxury segment for women's and men's clothing, accessories and interior design. The old factory was small, with weaving equipment that included hand-operated looms and machinery, but today Clerici Tessuto Div. Industry has developed into a large industrial complex run by the fourth family generation. The company has built Italy’s first silk micro-supply chain, giving rise to a flexible and agile district that produces more than 2,500,000 meters of fine Made-in-Italy fabrics every year. The new Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 collection of Clerici Tessuto Div. Industry reflects the company’s original DNA, based on elegance, seduction, passion and innovation. We talk about elegance exuding femininity, seduction represented by transparencies, and innovation that combines silk, technology and passionWe talk about elegance exuding femininity, seduction represented by transparencies, and innovation that combines silk, technology and passion. In addition to these traditional themes, the new collection also features aesthetic aspects. And here we are talking about minimalist and sophisticated aesthetics that adds to the lightness and fluidity of the fabric ornaments like duchesse, intarsia designs, small checks and coquet georgette; multicolor abstraction and large designs. In a nutshell, the new collection continues the sophisticated but also modern and innovative tradition of silk. The latter aspect becomes very visible in the continuous search for new sustainable yarns, new textures, new finishes, new fiber blends, new tie-and-dye techniques, and new combinations. Now, speaking of sustainability, let's ask Clerici Tessuto Div. Industry directly what stands out in the new collection.


What product is the most innovative in your Autumn/Winter 22-23 collection?
The most innovative product in Clerici Tessuto Div. Industry's A/W 22/23 collection is the GE401EVO


What characteristics make this new product innovative?
First of all, in addition to being innovative, it

is also an interesting product, as it combines

a print from the historical Clerici Tessuto

archive with sustainability, definitely a

front-line issue today. Presenting traditional products manufactured using sustainable fabrics is, in our opinion, innovative.


Who would be interested in buying your products?
The ideal customer is a buyer for women's collections. GE401EVO is the perfect product for informal outfits suitable for occasions where elegance is key, but where ethnic elements highlight a personal style. This style is particularly sensitive to sustainability as a principle, but, at the same time, nods at classic clothing combining elegance and good taste.

Will you launch this innovative sustainable product with a dedicated communication campaign?
We will promote this flagship product with a communication campaign targeted to all of our new items.

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