Since 1980, creativity and technology for the most sophisticated printing techniques.

Our products are used by both ready-to-wear and haute couture companies. The versatile technology we use can be applied to a wide range of products that go from fabrics intended for total looks to leather for footwear, hosiery and the world of sports. The collections are broad and rich with ideas, but Airily’s strong point is its ability to identify custom solutions that turn into exclusive, unique and distinctive products. 

The most innovative products of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection feature a striking characteristic that goes beyond classic printing techniques on fabrics, with special and surprising effects from both a visual and tactile standpoint.
We use innovative printing and application technology to imitate the typical effects of materials such as wood, mimicking its infinite versions, glass, whose transparency and kaleidoscopic colors become art in stained glass windows, and mother of pearl. We use metal and shiny materials to create points of light, we play with glossy and opaque effects to generate 3D effects and we apply texture and thickness effects to any material. 


Innovation lies in the combination of different printing and application techniques with a broad range of graphics to reproduce the desired effects and color shades.
The Company’s unfailing commitment and attention to regulatory updates issued through the European directives in the matter – specifically - of environmental protection and safety with regard to the raw materials used in processing, enabled it to obtain the Reach certification, guaranteeing the highest level of protection both in terms of health in the workplace and protection of the environment.
Our fabric decoration techniques are particularly suitable for Milano Unica Spring/Summer 2023 Tendenze.

The broad range of techniques evoke the atmospheres of the environments of ecoresort: the perfect imitations of natural and precious elements such as wood and mother of pe barl; the marine shades, the   marbled patterns and the textures recall the waves and the sea foam; and the shiny details and the transparencies reproduce the effect of water with a wet effect and 3D drops and bubbles. The sea breeze is easily recreated with fluid patterns and fluttering details.

The 3D effects, the laser cuts and carvings, the metallic prints and polished finishes perfectly combine modernity and elegance to characterize the spaces of ecoyacht.

Fabrics embellished with bright and sparkling details, overprinted decorations and a wealth of applications recreate the atmosphere of ecopalace, where tradition and innovation coexist.


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