A sustainable style for the MU Hotel proposal

The colours and the materials of Tendenze S/S 2023

The world of sustainable luxury of the five-star hotel industry meets fashion with the proposal of Milano Unica Tendenze Spring/Summer 2023


A journey that highlights the close bond between fashion, design and architecture: three areas that interact and influence each other with the common goal of creating inspiring and responsive universes. 


MU Hotel becomes a companion in a journey in the sign of freedom closely intertwined with sustainability that, as always, exudes from all the Tendenze proposals presented to the exhibitors of Milano Unica. 


The resort immersed in nature, the historic palazzo and the exclusive yacht are the settings where Spring/Summer 2023 comes to life: atmospheres, colours and materials  become a direct source of inspiration for fashion proposals to live in, in the same way as we inhabit a space.



Nature plays a central role, the key words are lightness, brightness and comfort, for a sustainable holiday with a feeling of perfect harmony with the environment. 

The moods and the raw materials reflect the colours and scents of the Mediterranean maquis, along with the concept of artisanal work, a trend always expressed in a sophisticated and contemporary way. 


The design elements of the resort, featuring impalpable curtains and bright interiors, inspire comfortable and abundant cuts, natural fabrics, embroideries and decorations that echo shells, ropes and wood. The details are sophisticated, precious, and 3D and recall nets, the waves of the sea and the sand of the desert. These are transformed into frayed embroidery, accessories in jute cords, and à jour organza trims.


The study of the colour palette is very important, blending into a "non-colour". The palette is all about whites and half tones. The strongest shades are brown and rust, reproducing natural staining effects. Accessories and decorations display metallic tones, like silver and gold, but always opaque and bleached. 


Basket weave surface backed with glossy laminate
Aqueous marbled prints
Pleated cloth with sand application
Linen cloqué
Frayed woven embroidery
Zipper with frayed edges
Hand loom woven tapes
Cloth with degradé over-dyed tulle embroidered trimming
Embossed shot cloth with layered 3D printing
Raffia crochet with trimmings
Cross-stitch embroidery
Label with woven textures, twisted thread covered buckles and wooden bead trimmings
Hand loom woven tapes
Gloss printed crepon and over-dyed linen
Resin coating with birch application
Frayed pattern on voile base
Buttons and trimmings with untreated surfaces
Aqueous marbled prints
Decorative lacework
Embroidered hemp cloth
Overlays with embroidery
Stretch tape and jute cords
Braiding with placed fraying
Floating pattern embroidery



The dream yacht that ploughs through the waves literally embodies the idea of departure and holiday. However, in this case the suggestions move away from the typical setting of sea-related details dominated by white and blue, and towards a much more sophisticated dimension inspired by the jet set and the luxury of an exclusive holiday. 

The direct inspirations are the most renowned seaside resorts: from Capri to Portofino to the Côte d’Azur. The atmosphere combines the concepts of sports and fun with an evening theme dominated by elegance and leisure with glittering parties against the backdrop of the sunset. 


The colours are definitely vibrant and energetic: red, blue, magenta and orange. They are mixed and matched together to give a burst of energy, or combined with lighter and more relaxed shades, such as teal and metallic gray.

The colour palette goes perfectly hand in hand with the dynamic daytime life, but is also effective in a context of great elegance. Iridescence is also reflected in the raw materials and the treatments applied to the multicolour fabrics, occasionally featuring colour block or other different shades. 

Prints are suggestive, with metallic finishes, lurex and sequins giving rise to generous and colourful decorations.


Colour block jacquard
Jersey with all-over micro mirrored squares
Embroidered silk chiffon
Fil coupé jacquard with wide selvedge
Holographic-effect macro sequins
Buckles, buttons and stones with textured finishes
Rhinestone mesh
Thread and sequin embroidery
Jacquard cloqué
Zipper with metallic mesh pull-tab
Resin-coated micro spheres
Aqueous marbled print
Print on terrycloth base
Embroidered shiny organza
Zipper with matt coating and silk pull-tab, terrycloth covered buttons
Aqueous marbled print
Mother-of-pearl buttons
Aqueous marbled print
Embroidery and laser cut-out details
Iridescent sequins
Floral jacquard
Covered buttons
Aqueous marbled prints
Multi-coloured raffia weaves and tie-dye prints



The Ecopalace proposals feature an aristocratic aesthetic. It could not be otherwise, given that we are immersed in the elegance of historic and noble villas, buildings that represent an entire heritage of culture, history and architecture with traces of cross-pollination and reinterpretation stratified over the centuries.  

Two dimensions that meet and influence each other, directly guiding the choice of raw materials, style, and colours. 


The decorations play with art deco references, offering chalk-like ribbons and necklines, floral jacquards, brocades inspired by tapestries and boiserie-like embroidery. The 3D effect comes from the raw and noble fabrics interwoven in contrast, an example of recycling and creative recovery of poor materials enriched by a contemporary treatment, in a sophisticated and luxurious key. 


The colour palette is lively and dynamic, soft pastel shades interact with vibrant colours such as burgundy, Rio red and raw sienna. The fabrics play with light and reflections, including lurex, micro-sequins and lamé, while the patterns are eccentric, featuring unusual combinations. 


Boiserie effect embroidery
Geometric jacquard shot with lamé threads
Tulle with sequin embroidery
Jacquard fil coupé with lamé thread inserts
Lampas fabric
Floral macramé embroidery
Printed pleated edgings
Handiwork with fancy yarn embroidery
Jacquard with cord yarn
3D multi-thread embroidery
Floral jacquard
Twisted thread embroidery trimming
Trimmings in degradé colours
Foliage jacquard shot with lamé threads
Crinkled printed voile
Handiwork with fancy yarn and sequins
Laser-etched and embroidered patterns
Iridescent pleats
Boiserie jacquard shot with lamé thread
Foliage jacquard
Satin crepe jacquard
Hand-loomed weave
3D effect jacquard


To find out more about the themes of the Tendenze and all the suggestions of the MU Hotel we invite you to watch the video of the presentation speech.


We look forward to seeing you at the 34rd edition of Milano Unica on February 1 and 2, 2022 at Rho Fiera Milano to discover the proposals of the Milano Unica exhibitors.


See the list of the participating companies.