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6 Ways Fashion Could Become More Sustainable In 2023

Retailers embracing rentals, recycling technologies scaling up, moving towards regenerative materials, a greenwashing crackdown, addressing the supply chain and a stronger protection for garment workers – these are the next likely changes for the fashion industry.

- British Vogue -

The State Of Sustainability In The Fashion Industry (And What It Means For Brands)

Consumers could push the fashion industry to reckon with its impact on our environment.

- Forbes -

Nobody left behind: Why fashion should strive for a ‘just transition’

Fashion could learn a lot from the closure of coal mines when it comes to coupling social and environmental impact, experts say. But the process of a just transition is complex, and requires a radical mindset shift many brands are reluctant to embrace.

- Vogue Business -

Green is the new black as fashion sector fast-forwards on sustainability trend

The Covid-19 pandemic and the crises of the past year have made sustainability a priority for the fashion industry, pushing companies towards more circular production models and energy efficiency.

- Reuters -

Podcast: How do fashion shoppers navigate sustainability?

Eva McGeorge, Lenzing’s Head of Marketing and Communications, illustrate the company’s recent survey on consumer attitudes to sustainability in fashion.

- Ecotextile News -

Sustainable fashion trends in 2023

Some sustainable fashion trends to watch for this year along with some relevant statistics.

- The Times of India -

Milano Unica da tempo presta particolare attenzione alle tematiche dell'economia circolare green ed è attivamente impegnata a supporto del settore per la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale.


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