Milano Unica’s fil rouge for the Spring/Summer 2024 season is positivity. It is true that we must be aware of what is happening around the world, but,  equally, we have a right to happiness. And it is no coincidence that the title of Milano Unica’s next collection is MU SuperPower, where the greatest super power is creativity represented with a prism of optimism.

Ideally, the MU SuperPower theme attributes regenerative effects to beauty, inspiration, aspiration, and imagination. This is a symbolic confirmation  of, and - at the same time - a tribute to the creative power of Made-in-Italy  manufacturing, important both for Italy’s GDP and for keeping the country’s  image high worldwide.

Our creative team imagined each fabric with a superpower, like the invisible cape from the fairy tales or the extendable suits of comic book superheroes. Research for the Spring/Summer 2024 season focused on choosing fabrics and accessories that would help the body feel better, make it more resilient, more efficient, and, why not, sexier.” explained Stefano Fadda, MU creative director.

Starting from creativity applied to the creation of new, higher performance, and technological fibers that make the body, mind, and spirit feel good, MU SuperPower proposes three themes: The Power of Thought, The Power of  Action, and The Power of Emotion.


Here, the mind enacts every choice; nothing is left to instinct and randomness. The aesthetic is clear and precise. Form and substance coincide. The design adheres to the concrete use of materials, and rigor gives a feeling of the new and essential. Intelligence and common sense underlie the design of this theme.
Accessories are all metallic, satin, laminated, and mirrored, like real design elements.
The atmosphere is almost suspended, rarefied, and  seasonless: the purity of the materials, and their self-mirroring power, similar to the light of dawn, is part of an aesthetic of sophisticated minimalism. We are in the realm of poetic couture with a strong impact.


The pleasure of manual work, empirical experiments, and processing existing products to make them become something else, expresses the power of action that governs this second theme. Everything is reinterpreted, starting from the clichés, mixed, deconstructed, and intensified with the very specific purpose of claiming a free interpretation of what is meant by new, without prejudices  and gender distinctions.
Floral prints, lace, brocades, damask, shantung, and vintage effect weaves make up the repertoire of this theme that offers the same fabrics for women and men. Nothing is standardized. The accessories are exaggerated, always somewhere between the bourgeois effect and the idea of a luxury show-off.
The atmosphere is festive, dominated by a free association of codes and symbols, where vintage combines hi-tech and baroque references with metropolitan grunge for a playful exaltation of the imagination that seeps into textures and minds.


Do not be afraid to express your feelings, but, instead, draw from your emotions the strength for a personal balance that can also be manifested outwardly. This is the focus of the third theme centered on caring for one’s physicality but also spirituality understood as a connection to nature, the cosmos, minerals, and deities: all of which can give positive energy and reassuring powers.
The aesthetics of this theme refers to authentic and playful simplicity,  constructed through a métissage respectful of the Made-in-Italy culture and textile experimentation. We are in the realm of abstractions, where the concept of nature recalls the faded floral prints, while spiritual rituality inspires playful symbolism. Accessories are inspired by the world of minerals, magic stones, or the decorations of Indian temples in a neo-modern version.