Milano Unica

Conceived, organized and driven by entrepreneurs, Milano Unica offers international visibility to the world of textiles in a highly qualified context, in line with the quality of its products.


Tailor made to suit customer needs, selective and focused on details, Milano Unica wants to be home. Home to the customers of the Italian Textiles and Accessories Trade Show, who feel that they belong to a highly professional environment, showcasing Italian style both in hospitality and taste.


The ideal place in which to offer the best products in the world’s top end fashion market. The decision to bring forward the September appointment to July responds to the changes of the world of fashion, transforming the exhibition in the most future-oriented event dedicated to textiles.


It was first organized in 2005, resulting from the merger of five separate trade shows which contributed to the international success of Made-in- Italy and Made-in- Europe textiles: Ideabiella, Ideacomo, Moda In, Shirt Avenue and Pratotrade. In the single context provided by Milano Unica, Ideabiella, Moda In and Shirt Avenue maintain their own identity, playing a central role in representing the textile excellence to the world.


Board of Presidents

Milano Unica’s board is composed of the Past Presidents, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the three partnering exhibitions:

President: Ercole Botto Poala

Vice-President: Alberto Jelmini

Ideabiella: Alessandro Barberis Canonico, Ercole Botto Poala

Moda In: Antonella Martinetto, Alberto Jelmini

Shirt Avenue: Simone Canclini

Past Presidents: Paolo Zegna, Pier Luigi Loro Piana


General Manager: Massimo Mosiello



"About us” would be incomplete without listing the actual champions of the fair: the exhibitors. Here they are.


Italian Ministry for Economic Development

Italian Trade Agency – ICE

Milan Town Council

Sistema Moda Italia – Federazione Tessile e Moda

In collaboration with:

Banca Sella




Milano Unica Secretariat
Tel. +39-02- 66101105
Fax +39-02- 66111335
E-mail info@milanounica.it

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