Tendenze S/S 2019: a full report on the event

The challenge for fashion: combining excellence with sustainability

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The presentation of Tendenze
Air, Water, Earth: a return to the basic elements of life on our planet is the subject of the fascinating  journey proposed by Milano Unica in the presentation of Tendenze Spring/Summer 2019. 
On Wednesday 25 October, entrepreneurs, managers, buyers, designers, journalists and fashion schools were welcomed and guided on a fascinating journey through the splendid installations at the Teatro Vetra, which runs from the depths of the oceans to outer space and back, with feet firmly planted on earth, symbolizing identity and essentiality. 

The short stories and the Trend Book
A format conceived by Stefano Fadda and a committee of international experts in the sector, taking the form of three “short stories”, whose main characters, each an icon representing one of the three core elements, experience surprising and fascinating adventures: "Jacques Cousteau and the mystery of Atlantis", "The Masai and the victory at Zabriskie Point” and "Nureyev and ballet in boreal space". 

These stories give rise to the core themes – Submarine Organic Neoclassicism, Minimalism and Tribal Purity and Hyperfuturistic Cyber Glam – that accompany the visitor through the colors, textiles, unusual combinations, recycled materials and audacious proposals that prefigure
 tomorrow’s fashion and where it will take us in its continual evolution, in step with the rhythm of the changing contemporary world. 

The three adventures are collected in the Trend Book, the complete guide to Tendenze S/S 2019, together with thematic ideas, suggestions and all the proposals that will inspire the coming collections.




The themes in depth: Save the Planet
One thing is indisputable: on this journey, the compass is firmly set on a cardinal point: the importance of preserving the planet. The theme that runs through Tendenze S/S 2019, “Save the Planet”, is a reminder and a commitment, with which Milano Unica has once again underscored the importance of sustainability and the fundamental role that each of the players in the textile chain  is called upon to play in this process, composed of innovation, responsibility and a vision of the future.

What could be more fascinating and engaging way to express our love for the planet than a celebration of its primary, fundamental elements, that make each and every one of our lives possible? 

The participation and enthusiasm of those who attended the event and the heartfelt agreement with the ecological approach confirm the maturity of the textile sector and the fashion world, whose leading players are ready to face the challenge: continuing to create fashion excellence while at the same time contributing to saving the planet. 


The theme of Water is explored through an imaginative rediscovery of the legendary city of Atlantis by Jacques Cousteau. The natural seascape reveals the secrets of a submerged civilization, evoking the elements of the nautical world, from waterproof sails to cords and hawsers, from winches and rigging to wood and titanium rudders, all the way to the hi-tech materials in continual evolution that characterize the world of undersea exploration, like wet suits and dry suits. 


Back on Earth, we are immersed in a scenario in which a group of Masai tribesmen, imagined in cricket uniforms, are engaged in a test match at Zabriskie Point, the location in the Nevada desert immortalized in Michelangelo Antonioni’s classic film. Purity is of the essence here, with a new minimalism in the choice of materials: cottons and wool, silks and linen, in their “virgin” versions, meaning organic and natural, although still soft and lightweight. 



To personify Air, Nureyev’s pirouettes lift us up into space, as the ballet great’s impossibly ethereal lightness is combined with cutting edge technology. The hypertechnical glam suit is a reinterpretation of high performance dance costumes in a futuristic rock context, while the materials – layered tulle, colorful velvets in iridescent hues, luminous micro-appliqués – convey a fantastic sense of impalpable lightness and timeless elegance.




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