Nations to Nations: Tendenze A/W 2019-20

Summary of the event



The Presentation of Tendenze: “Nations to Nations”
The presentation of Tendenze A/W 2019-20, held on 28 March 2018 at Teatro Vetra, was attended by a crowd of exhibitors, designers, students and fashion professionals, who admired the striking multimedia installation inspired by the “Nations to Nations” theme, conceived by the Style Committee chaired by the Art Director Stefano Fadda.

Highly engaging and extremely timely, the theme for the A/W 2019-20 season is more than just a positive opening message: it also invites everyone to look to the exchange between different cultures as a source of creative inspiration. This concept is as old as humanity itself: in fact, man has always progressed by extending his confines, impelled by a desire for discovery and new knowledge, and thus learning from contacts with previously unknown cultures and expanding his imagination beyond its former limits.

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Ercole Botto Poala, President of Milano Unica

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The Trend Book
The material suggestions and textile inspirations of Tendenze A/W 2019-20, presented during the event and illustrated in the Trend Book, are thus the fruit of the confluence of several different origins and, above all, of surprising culture clashes between the traditions of countries that appear totally unlike one another: the result is unexpected combinations of materials, identities and artisanal expertise that convey new and contemporary suggestions and a limitless, avant-garde lexicon.


The theme itineraries
There are three thematic itineraries under the “Nations to Nations” umbrella: each is dedicated to a stylistic-cultural cypher interpreted by three countries which, though different, share some specific cultural and esthetic characteristics: Organic Grunge, Handcrafted Essentialism and Techno Romanticism.
There was no lack of sources of inspiration for the Style Committee to draw from: from architecture to the figurative arts, from traditional artisanship to the natural landscape, and much more besides. The combinations dig deep into the core identity of the countries chosen, taking care each time to achieve a creative synthesis laden with meaning.


Introduction to the presentation, Stefano Fadda, Art Director


Organic Grunge: Scotland, Turkey and Romania

Organic Grunge pays tribute to the youth movement born in Seattle and embraces its eco-friendly
philosophy and love for nature. This is also intended to keep our attention on the issue of sustainability, strongly underscored at the last edition of Tendenze, as part of the “Save the Planet” theme.

A pro-environment outlook, punk culture and traditional folklore are combined in these proposals inspired by Scotland, Turkey and Romania, united by a close relationship to the soil, nature and the farming life.

Recycled yarns and textiles from natural fibers are front and center in the Organic Grunge proposals, along with materials reminiscent of rural life, such as wool and leather, and some strongly innovative elements, like photosensitive pigments and bioplastics. The decorations and colors are closely linked to the outdoors and flowers: warm, natural and detoxifying.


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Handcrafted Essentialism: South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden

“Minimalism is not the absence, but the sensed presence of the essential”: the words of the artist and designer Bruno Munari perfectly describe the core of this thematic itinerary, inspired by basic geometrical shapes and a straightforward lexicon. Handcrafted Essentialism unites South Korea, Switzerland and Sweden, countries that express their concept of essentialism in different ways, both aesthetically and in terms of lifestyle. And so the sources of inspiration range from the rigorous lines of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier to the practical simplicity of Swedish design to the minimalist elegance of Korean kimonos.

The combination of clean lines and artisanal workmanship determines the choice of fibers and structures: clinical shapes and rigorous patterns, precious yarns and refined but discreet craftsmanship. The color palette for these proposals is drawn from the world of luxury minimalist
design, applying the “block color” concept.


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Techno Romantic: Belgium, Azerbaijan, Indonesia

Elegance and innovation, poetry and experimentation: Techno Romanticism brings together elements of painting, architecture and the decorative arts, variously characterizing the three countries collected in this theme. The leitmotif is the intrinsic preciousness of the materials and the artisanal expertise inherent in each tradition, whose romantic elegance is reinterpreted using innovative materials and technologies, from lasers to 3D printing.

The fibers are high performance and super comfortable, but the esthetic remains highly decorated and decadent, while the colors cover a kaleidoscope of hues, composed of intense tones and sharp contrasts.

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On the day of the presentation of “Nations to Nations”, Milano Unica offered sector operators a fascinating and surprising journey to other cultures, creating new suggestions, making unexpected
connections and finding inspiration for the creation of the proposals that will be displayed in the Trends Area on the occasion of the 27th edition of Milano Unica, from 10 to 12 July 2018.



Our thanks to all the exhibitors, fashion designers, students and visitors who attended the presentation of Tendenze A/W 2019-20.