Tendenze SS 2020: the storytelling of the event

The presentation dedicated to the Music Menu theme


Tendenze Presentation

Last November 8, Milano Unica presented the SS 2020 Tendenze. For the first time, the event was held in the new framework of the Fabbrica Orobia, located south of the city center of Milan, an area which is currently experiencing a strong wave of personalization towards art and innovation.  

In addition to celebrating the textile manufacturing tradition - as the Fabbrica space still clearly bears the sign of its manufacturing legacy -, this new venue allowed for the development of an innovative and involving layout with the creation of highly customized environments, true “temporary islands” morphing into mood immersions, music and suggestions of the periods to which each theme is dedicated.



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An event for all fashion professionals

Great participation from the public, mostly composed of exhibitors, taking advantage from the presentation of the suggestions for their designs and creations that will be put on display during the next edition of Milano Unica in February 2019, but also including journalists and fashion professionals, who find important insights in the layout and videos presenting the Tendenze. The presentation of Milano Unica Tendenze has been a very much awaited and attended appointment in the last years, also by fashion students: for them, in particular, visiting it means an opportunity to get in touch with inspirations and innovative ideas and experience, and the different steps through which fashion collections are developed.


Music Menu: the theme and the Trend Book

The theme of next Spring-Summer 2020 – defined by the Style Committee as “the most light hearted of the year” – concentrates on the union between music and food. A combination of rhythms and tastes, but also of the cultures and aesthetics accompanying the different music genres and foods.

Rap, a symbol of the ‘80s and of youth culture, meets cous cous, the traditional dish of North Africa. In the second theme, funky of the ‘70s is creatively matched with tabbouleh, which specifically characterizes the Middle East.  Lastly, jazz of the ‘50s, polished and elegant, finds its counterpart in the most refined and glamorous patisserie, featuring candies and glazed desserts. 

Every genre belongs to an ideal decade, i.e. its golden period, and, obviously, the resulting textile creations reflect that. The Style Committee does not only face the challenge of re-evoking the styles and the suggestions of the past, but also that of projecting each of these 20th century decades into the 21st century, imagining the music, style and fashion of the next  ‘50s, ‘70s and ‘80s.  

The three themes revolving around music and food are described in detail in the Trend Book, the prestigious publication that Milano Unica dedicates to each edition of the Tendenze and that gathers theme insights, suggestions and all the proposals for the inspiration of the next collections. 



An important fil rouge continuously links all suggestions presented by Tendenze: i.e. sustainability.

All Music Menu proposals feature natural fibers, organic fabrics and recycled raw materials and a general attention to environmentally friendly manufacturing, testifying to Milano Unica’s commitment in this respect. For the first time in the presentation of the Tendenze, the event on November 8 did not only present the impactful video dedicated to the three themes of the Music Menu, but also the video on the value and importance of sustainability in the textiles sector and in the fashion industry.

The same attention that we will also see confirmed in the Area Tendenze during the 28th edition of Milano Unica, with an innovative installation dedicated to sustainability.


2080 Cous Cous Rap

The music genre that characterized the '80s, the youth language by definition, meets the richness of one of the most beloved recipes of North Africa. The rappers’ colorful and exuberant street style matches with the colors and fragrances of Maghreb, bringing to life style codes whose key word is “over”: research in the excess of colors, decorations and sizes. 

From the perspective of textiles and accessories, revolutionary hues perk up with eccentric textures and electronic cross-contaminations along with strong contrasts of colors and materials, North-Africa inspired decorations and creative combinations reminiscent of the edgy power of suburban graffitis and the grace of Arab writing. The attention to sustainability remains steady with natural materials that combine with recycled synthetic fibers.  


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2070 Funky Tabbouleh

Funky immediately evokes the world of the disco clubs of the '70s and the shimmering lights of the dancing floors resounding with Donna Summer and Barry White’s music. This environment is reflected in the luxurious and refined scenario inspired by the Lebanese culinary tradition, where the tabbouleh is the main dish. From a style perspective, the "jungle" imaginary of the Middle-Eastern recipe combines with the sensual and involving rhythm of the disco music, creating an alternation of heavenly atmospheres and disco club situations.  

Vibrant hues, lightweight yet precious fabrics, shimmering and technical yarns perfect for the dancing floor, are the key textile suggestions and materials representing this theme, along with the wavy and sinuous shapes, the 3D prints, the polished and multicolor details meant to exalt sensory excess. 

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2050 Bon Bon Jazz

For this theme, the Style Committee imagined timeless jazz, a sophisticated and sexy environment where every element exudes charm and refined elegance. This style is perfectly represented by the polished elegance of haute patisserie: creams, frosting and the delicate shapes of the candies intertwine with the buttery and sensual melodies of the crooner '50s, creating a glam and classy style, yet always with a touch of irony. 
The 2050 Bon Bon Jazz theme features a color chart dominated by soft and pastel colors, creamy textures and precious and sophisticated fabrics. The accessories, inspired by the delicious patisserie, stand out for their floral details, bows and sweet trims, jewel buttons and rich embroidery. 


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We would like to extend our thanks to all exhibitors, buyers, fashion designers, journalists and students who have participated in the presentation of the SS 2020 Tendenze.

The next appointment is on February 5-7, 2019 with the 28th edition of Milano Unica. The Area Tendenze will unveil the proposals based on the Music Menu inspiration, developed by Milano Unica exhibitors.